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Kick The Buddy

Kick The Buddy

Kick The Buddy


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  • Updated Time:
    March 2, 2022
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    Google Play
  • Requirements:
    Android 5.0+
  • Developer:
    Chill Fleet GmbH
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Are you feeling a bit stressed or frustrated? Well, a huge portion of adrenaline awaits you. Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is an action-packed game that lets your imagination run wild.
Kick the Buddy allows you to pick all kinds of stuff you could think of - grenades, rockets, automatic rifles, torture instruments, and a nuclear bomb. You can fire, shoot, smash, freeze, and destroy anything in your path. The general premise of the game is simple; use the weapons in your arsenal to kill your buddy.
Kick the Buddy features simple and enjoyable gameplay. Use the stuff to shoot and chase him across the room. You can also access explosive weapons and unbelievable stuff to torture the dummy. It's the only way to step up the game.
You try several things on the buddy. For example, you can pin him at the wall with arrows or pick multiple weapons and slice him.
The colors and graphics are top-notch. But an added fun to the game is the sound effect. In addition to that, you get a voiced character to make the game exciting. The art style is intelligently done with nice HD graphics.
To ensure the atmosphere suits your taste, you can decorate your room with varied feels. Gamers are also allowed to pick multiple decorations.
The interactive environment will make every moment enjoyable. You can find yourself in a park, concert hall, or room. Beyond that, you can customize the buddy to your liking. For instance, you can buy a new wardrobe to give him the look that you like. If you feel ambitious enough, you can replace the face with a picture of your own.
Apart from the main gameplay, you enjoy some rewards. But you only earn as you torture the buddy.
Every day, you can spin a slot machine to win amazing prizes - you don't have to pay a dime. There's no better way to damage the buddy with weapons that are not available to the masses.
Tips and tricks
There are a few things you should follow when you play the game.
Blow powerful F1 Grenades
If you want to earn some bucks, you should use F1 grenades - throw as many as possible. You don't have to worry if you just started because the grenades are unlocked at the beginning. Every time they detonate, you get a reward. You can now test your imaginations with a collection of torturing equipment.
Never stop tapping
Keep kicking and punching until you knock out the buddy. Continue buying more weapons to hurt him. Here is the catch- each weapon costs differently and you can only purchase with real money.
Get free stuff
When you tap on the staff menu, the price of each item appears. To get more free stuff, you can watch ads and invite friends.
Log in daily
If you want to earn more in-game currency, you should log in every day. Most of the time, the game will reward you with cash. For instance, if you play for two consecutive weeks, you earn over 5,000 bucks. You also receive lots of weapons.
If you feel like you need to blow off steam at some point, kick the fun game is certainly a great choice. It's also the perfect tool to kill a few spare minutes.


How To Play

The main character of the game is the buddy. In the beginning, the ragdoll will provoke you. The first thing you can throw is a knife. For every successful hit, you earn money. Your only goal should be to immobilize your target. As you keep attacking the buddy, he develops an unscrupulous attitude. While you have lots of stuff in your arsenal, you should find different ways to kick him.
After you earn a certain amount, you can use a tank. But as you progress with the game, the attacks get even stronger. You can smash, destroy, toss, fire, and shoot - you won't even think about stopping.
Whether you spray bullets toward him or unleash your devastating rockets, the buddy will be back asking for more kicking. To keep him down, you may want to set your weapons to `auto fire'. This means that the weapons will continue to tap the guy after you walk away.
You can see the achievements as you play the game. What you earn on each level determines how you will perform on the next one. There's even a separate section on statistics and achievements.
As you climb up the ranks, you're advised to connect with your Google Play account. Since your account is connected, the game progress is automatically uploaded. Even better, you can automatically retrieve the progress if you use a different device.
If you use a simple weapon like a pistol, the character will take longer to surrender. However, if you use a handgun or cannon, the buddy will bleed fast. The best part is that you can launch a full-blown tank for 500,000 of gold.
Another interesting feature that will keep you on the edge of your seat is that you can play with or without the internet. At this point, you don't have to worry since your saves are automatically uploaded once the connection is back.
Want to speed up the process of destroying the buddy? You can access unlimited money and gold.
There's nothing personal between you and the rag doll. This little fellow has selflessly agreed that you give him a few punches so that you can feel less frustrated. And he's willing to endure lots of punishment for your amusement.
The controls for this game are the same as the original version. On the right corner of your screen, you get a drop-down menu to unlock your weapons. Tap your buddy to punch him, throw him against the walls, or give a few punches.
Free to play
Kick the Buddy is available at Google Playstore so all android gamers can enjoy it. The best part is that you join it on your device without paying a penny.Since the game features some in-purchases, you may find it quite rewarding.
Overall, this game doesn't have specific goals. It just offers a simple way to blow off some steam and relax. All you need to do is unleash your rage with the weapons in your arsenal and kick the buddy. You'll enjoy doing one thing over and over again.
Have any suggestions regarding the Kick the Buddy game? You're free to share your experience in the comment section so that other people can like this game.

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