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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash


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    February 20, 2022
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    Google Play
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    Android 5.0+
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    RobTop Games AB
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Online games have become a favorite pastime of everyone but sometimes it gets very difficult to find the perfect one which not only entertains you for long hours but also keeps your privacy safe. If you are here then this means that you might be searching for a good game. Thus to help you out in this situation here you'll get to know about one such pretty game " Geometry Dash". So, hold your breath to know everything about this game from the description to how to play in this single article. Let's begin as follows:
Geometry Dash is a multi-level game where you have to fly or drive through dangers till the end of the level. The dangers in this game get on increasing as the game level goes on. The most interesting thing in this game is that you will see many geometric shapes in your way and many times the plane that you have to control and take to the end will also be in a very funny geometric shape. This makes you engaged in the game not mechanically but also visually because of its fun and interesting graphics.
You can play this game for very little money. Yes, you have to spend some of your pennies and why should not the game developers have invested so much money and time in developing the best possible features for this game? Therefore you need not worry while spending as it is worth the money and you'll never regret your decision. Now that you know why this game is not free then let's discuss what its features are that have made it so special and valuable. The features of Geometry Dash are listed as follows:
You can play as many levels as you can cross or reach
You will not feel bored as there are very amazing rhythms waiting for you
You can not only play the existing levels but also create your own or modify the existing ones and make the game more challenging and interesting
When you feel bored with your character then there are many settings using which you can customize your character and make it more colorful and interesting
Don't want to spend more? Don't worry once you spend money on purchasing this wonderful game then after that, you will not be asked to spend a single penny in name of in-app purchases which means there are no in-app purchases to bother you
Earn the most amazing rewards ever and become the deadliest player
If you don't feel confident then you can use the practice mode and sharpen your skills to become the best player
So these are the special features of Geometry Dash. Now it's time to know how you can play this game. Feeling curious to know whether it is easy to play or not? Yes, then let's quench your curiosity with a lot of information on "How To Play Geometry Dash". Read the section given as follows:


How To Play

Geometry Dash is not a very difficult or a very easy game, it is just right. You will not need to do a lot of practice to become perfect at it. You just need to use the practice mode while trying it for the first time and then there is nothing to worry about. Just follow the instructions carefully and become a master of Geometry Dash. Let's discuss the important instructions or stages of Geometry Dash as follows:
Stage 1
The first thing you need to do to start the game is to join this game on your phone and launch it. Then next tap on the play button to get started. Yes, it's very simple to open the game but you have to purchase it first. Tapping to play doesn't mean that you'll get to play immediately. You have to follow some instructions and establish your identity details. This might seem a little hectic to you but it is very simple to do all this. Once you are done with this then you can proceed to play.
Step 2
Next, you'll be assigned a character. The characters in this game are very interesting but if you don't like them there are many options to change or customize it according to your likes or dislikes. You can make it more colorful or less colorful according to your choice. After you customize your character you have to proceed with playing and crossing the level by flying or jumping through dangers.
Step 3
It's time to turn on the rhythmic sound as it is going to help you a lot in crossing the levels. Yes, the soundtrack of this game is very soothing and motivating that will let you have all the courage to pass the deadliest dangers coming your way. Further, it will not let you feel bored when you are stuck in any difficult phase of the game. Therefore don't forget to turn on the soundtracks after you are given the characters but if you don't like them also it is okay, you can let them remain turned off without any worries.
Step 4
Use the level editor and create your levels with amazing challenges and themes if you feel that there is nothing left in this game that can excite you. There are many tools that you can use while editing the levels. You will get all the feel of a game developer which you will hardly get to experience in any other game and this is why this game is known for its uniqueness.
This is how you can play Geometry Dash. Spend a little of your money and get entertainment for hours and years. So why are you waiting, go and get this amazing game tried and also share your experiences in the comment section below. Sharing your experience will help other people too who are thinking of playing this game but are in search to know the real experience of the players!

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